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Concours-Kit inclusiv parts of Serie1
Richard + Syney Darnell, Jaguar E-Type Serie 1,5 --- Concours de Elegance USA Vice-Champion 2007 (JCNA), --- Concours de Elegance World Champion 2009, class Driver's Cars (Concours de┬┤ Elegance Comit├ęe Monaco) Jaguar XK-E, with Head-Light-Cover Kit. The Head-Lamp-Cover Conversion Kit made by designer Stefan Wahl in the tradition of Malcolm Sayer. / Jaguar E-Type mit Scheinwerferabdeckungen, designed und hergestellt von Designer Stefan Wahl in der Tradition von Malcolm Sayer.

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Return the shape and spotive character that your E-Type was deprived of 35 years ago ! The kit will return the Series 1 ┬Ż + 2+ 3 to the aerodynamic shape originally inteded by Malcolm Sayer.All components meet the highest quality standards. No welding or paint job required. No permanent modifications. Can be returned to non-original state any time. No additional screws visible. Ease rear access for bulb replacement. Light yield will not be impared. Increase the value of you E-Type!
On request we will gladly accomplish all required tasks for you.Series 1.5 owners please contact us for special explanation

from1356,- EUR (Standart Kit)
from1780,- EUR (Concour Kit)

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